Client Results
JPS strategies have been successfully implemented in the following Organisations either through individual assignments or through corporate projects:
  • Tongaat Hulett
  • Beier Industries
  • Alcan South Africa (now Hulamin)
  • Divisions of Ethekwini
  • UEC Technologies
  • African products
  • Denim Textiles
  • South African Police (Durban division)
  • University Medical School

What some clients have said:

 JPS has helped to resolve real-life conflicts between people who a month ago would  not talk to each other.- General Manager: manufacturing plant  JPS has taken the theory of managerial leadership and converted it into application that works.- CEO: large corporate enterprise JPS has enabled the senior management team to shift from doing the work themselves to delegating it to others.- Factory Manager
 JPS has helped to equip selected people with senior management potential to take on more responsibility in more senior jobs.- Operations Director: textile industry  JPS enables me to manage difficult situations in my new job; it is a tool I can use anywhere to find better answers.- Head of a health care unit  JPS initially was a lot of psychological theory;  now that I have taken it in, it has changed the way I manage the plant.- Chief Engineer: Sugar mill and ex-MBA student
 JPS has helped to equip a relatively young inexperienced manager to take on the management of a successful new business venture.- Operations Director: textile industry  JPS has helped to bring about a successful coordinated merger of two divisions which were previously opposed to working as one organisation- Pastor of two church congregations  JPS has enabled carefully selected African supervisors who were considered to be non-performers to find solutions for better performance in collaboration with their departmental manager.- Divisional Manager: metals fabrication plant
 JPS has made me much more cautious about guessing and assuming the cause and solutions; particularly when dealing with human problems where I used to jump to conclusions and make hasty decisions.- Financial Manager: manufacturing operation  JPS has shown me that being clever and creative as a research manager is not enough to generate creativity and confidence in the staff of my research department.- Chief of Software Development, IT industry  JPS has taught me that bringing about successful changes in procedures requires a lot more than nodding of heads when below the surface there are still underlying resistances to change which JPS helps to surface and address.- Marketing Manager: manufacturing industry
 JPS prevented an unjust dismissal of a trainee artisan through the simple disciplined application of problem analysis.- HR Manager: pressed wood manufacture  JPS helped to surface that the real cause of a product failure was in the raw material, not in the person who was about to be disciplined for poor performance.- Manager: heavy plastics fabric operation  JPS has helped to bring a high-cost and high-waste operation back into budget through the appropriate involvement of the manager, foreman and supervisors.- Manager: raw metals preparation 
JPS has helped to isolate key areas for improving profitability of the organisation when there was little common understanding of these key areas prior to the JPS project.- CEO: animal feeds production  JPS, through involving the manager concerned, led to acceptance of his unsuitability for the job and a willingness to move to another position without rancour and resentment.- CEO: large non-profit organization


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