The following is a summary of the three central services we offer, depending on the particular needs of the organisation:

 consult-icon-lgeJPS Consulting

This service focuses on helping small and large organisations to identify and resolve issues affecting individual, team or organizational behaviour and performance. Each project is planned to suit the particular organisation, leading to customized proposals through appropriate involvement of others.

mentor-icon-lgeJPS Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Equipping individuals through one-on-one coaching and mentoring to understand and apply sound JPS processes in their own jobs. This is done with the aid of appropriate study, assignments and self examination of their own abilities. In-depth attention is given to individual learning style, learning capacity, personality and job context.

process-icon-lgeJPS Management & Leadership programme

The essence of leadership is to achieve results with and through others. This programme aims to improve team and individual performance by equipping leaders with relevant thinking and interactive skills to achieve better results.

This programme involves:

  • Personality assessments to promote self awareness of the individuals’ strengths and development areas.
  • Group workshops to build competence in using the JPS process and tools.
  • Individual coaching to personalise learning, based on each individual’s progress and development needs.
  • On-the-job assignments in order to solve individual and organisational problems by applying the JPS model.

The average duration of a JPS programme is about six to seven months.

And andover is making increasing use of software applications in courses such as computer science and statistics, as well as taking advantage of online opportunities that allow students to better access primary-source documents in the humanities

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