Joint Problem Solving (JPS)

This is a process for finding better solutions with others through the application of a disciplined thinking and communication model.

The uniqueness of the JPS approach is that it incorporates the best of many management and leadership theories used in different parts of the world. It is also a product of over thirty years of testing and application in a wide range of South African organisations.

Do you experience any of the following situations?

  • Leaders and managers have difficulty in passing responsibility down the line
  • Unable to recognize and make best use of undeveloped employee potential
  • Individual job competence and commitment is below par and needs upgrading
  • Difficulty in finding the right people for the job
  • The right people are in the right jobs but they often don’t coordinate their efforts
  • Relationships in and between teams/groups/divisions are tense and uncooperative
  • Conflict between particular individuals who won’t cooperate to get the job done
  • Environmental pressures such as BBBEE compliance, unions or competition affect  profitability
  • Different work standards and customs sometimes cause problems
  • Poor communication up and down the line leads to misunderstanding and mistakes
  • The organization as a whole is not adapting to changing needs and circumstances
  • Pockets of strong resistance to change

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