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Comments of past and current users of Misselhorn’s JPS processes

The Head And Heart Of LeadershipI have had the privilege of benefiting from Hugo’s wisdom and insights into leadership and its integration with management for some three decades. As a result, the approach of establishing the uniqueness of each situation and involving others in joint problem solving has become part of my own style. Hugo has the extraordinary ability to take the best from many theories and bring them together in an integrated manner. The practical tools he provides enable one to practise the theory. Peter Staude, CEO, Tongaat Hulett


As a trained psychologist with 20 years experience in managing a research organisation, coordinating numerous projects, and currently running a busy professional practice, I regret that I was only exposed to the Joint Problem Solving (JPS) methods and theory at a relatively late stage of my career. Having been coached by Hugo over several months as a JPS practitioner, I have found the methodology extremely useful in conceptualising and implementing solutions to complex problems, in both my business and private life. I have attended various other management development courses and this is the first one that has provided a practical model to guide my understanding in approaching any type of complex situation. The well defined thinking and interpersonal tools are extremely useful strategic thinking aids. Once understood, the methodology provides a template that can be placed over any problem to yield workable action plans with a better chance of success than by just using common sense and logic. The JPS methodology offers those who work at understanding it, an empowering tool to lead or manage complex situations. Jon Taylor, Organisational / Industrial & Counselling Psychologist in private practice


In a society that is desperate for meaningful relationships, this book provides church leaders with practical tools to develop their own leadership potential and enables them to fearlessly confront issues affecting church life with clarity, objectivity and compassion. Misselhorn gathers his vast knowledge of human and organisation behaviour to present his readers with a credible process of achieving the best possible solutions to problems. Rev Moses Thabethe, chaplain, participant in the Joint Problem Solving Project

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